R2R Welcomes Evan to the Dealership

R2R Welcomes Evan to the Dealership

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June 2, 2021

R2R Welcomes Evan to the Dealership

Check out Evan’s visit to the Lamborghini showroom in our video…

On 5/12/21, Evan and his father came to Lamborghini MIAMI + Prestige Imports 2.0 for a special R2R visit to check out some of the coolest supercars.  Evan, who is 11-years old, has a rare metabolic disorder for which there is no known treatment.  He loved going for rides and getting the chance to sit inside of them, ask questions and learn about the cars he had only seen from a distance or on TV.  Our staff was pleasantly surprised of his knowledge and eagerness to absorb all of the interesting facts of so many makes and models.  Evan, now part of the R2R family, is looking forward to participating at all of Ride2Revive’s upcoming events.

R2R Welcomes Evan to the dealership

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