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The information in our Event FAQ will cover the most popular questions we are asked by Drivers, Volunteers and Families. If you have other questions please fill out our contact form here. Thank you.

Can Volunteers invite friends or family to Watch?

No! The Ride2Revive Annual Track Event is a private event that is closed to the public. We do not allow spectators in the stands for insurance purposes and to ensure the safety and privacy of our children and their families. Only patients and their siblings are allowed to go for rides.

Is there an age requirement for Volunteers and Drivers?

Yes! The minimum age requirement for VOLUNTEERS is 18. The minimum age requirement for DRIVERS is 25.

What is the Dress Code for Volunteers or Drivers?

Chinos or Jeans and comfortable closed-toe shoes are a must! Ride2Revive will provide all VOLUNTEERS, DRIVERS, & FAMILIES (Patients & Siblings) with their own colored R2R T-shirts and hats. As a precaution, you may want to add a layer, like a light jacket, because it’s often a bit windy at the track!

Will Food and Beverages be Provided?

Yes! VOLUNTEERS & DRIVERS will be provided coffee and doughnuts upon arrival. Lunch and beverages will be served to all attendees.

Are we Notified of Changes or Cancellations?

Yes! You will be notified if there are any changes that affect the event, such as cancellation due to poor weather conditions. In such cases, Ride2Revive will release a statement on social media and send you an email.

Do You have Directions to the Homestead-Miami Speedway?

Yes! After arriving at the Homestead-Miami Speedway, all participants must enter through Gate 18 which is on the south side of the track. From there you will pass the guard gate and follow the small signs that will tell you where to park. DRIVERS will be directed to pull into the garages. VOLUNTEERS and FAMILIES will be directed to their designated parking area. Please see the map below.